Black Tea vs. Green Tea: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Black tea or green tea for weight loss

Is black tea or green tea more effective for weight loss?

Do you want to find out which tea to incorporate into your weight loss program? If you can’t decide between green tea or black tea for weight loss, we are here to help you to choose one of these healthy and delicious drinks that also may help you to shed some pounds.

Which one is better and more effective, how to prepare, and how much to drink of these teas find out down here in this post.

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Difference between black tea and green tea

Black tea and green tea are both made using the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. White and oolong tea are also made using the leaves of this plant.

But what is the difference and why do these teas have different names and all are made from one plant?

The main difference between black and green tea is in the production process. Green tea is not oxidized, while black tea undergoes the most complete oxidation process.

Here are two examples that show how the production process affects treating the tea leaves and why we get different teas at the end.

The production process of black tea

Black tea leaves are harvested and then dried to reduce moisture content. The leaves are then rolled by hand or by machine to create minuscule breaks in the leaves that allow enzymes to interact with the oxygen.

Rolled leaves are spread out on large trays where oxygen turns these leaves black. The final step is to stop the oxidation, and for this to be done black tea leaves are fired in ovens. The final step is packaging for sale.

The production process of green tea

Opposite to black tea, green tea is not oxidized in any way during production. The leaves are just harvested from the tea plant and heated to prevent oxidation and withering (remove moisture).

Then leaves are just pan-fried or steamed and retain a green hue that is most similar to the tea plant itself.

Black tea vs. Green tea for weight loss

As we mentioned above green tea leaves don’t undergo a 100% oxidation process, and this helps the tea to retain its key nutrients. The fermentation process for green tea ensures that more polyphenols are preserved and the lack of oxidation makes it rich in epigallocatechin gallate EGCG, an important antioxidant.

When it comes to black tea, the fermentation process reduces levels of antioxidants especially catechins which are associated with weight loss. However black tea is higher in caffeine which has also been shown to help control weight.

How green tea can help you lose weight

Caffeine and EGCG may have powerful effects on metabolism

Many studies show that drinking a cup of green tea increases the number of antioxidants in your bloodstream. Green tea is loaded with potent antioxidants called catechins and the most important of these is EGCG, a substance that can boost metabolism.

Another compound present in green tea also known as a stimulant is caffeine – it has been found that caffeine aid at burning and also improve exercise performance numerous studies. A cup of green tea contains 30-50 milligrams of caffeine which is much less than a cup of coffee 100-200 milligrams.

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Increases fat burning

In a study where were examined the effects of a combination of regular exercise and tea catechins on energy expenditure was found that tea catechins increased fat burning during exercise and rest.

Many other studies confirm that EGCG boosts the burning of fat which may lead to reduced body fat in long term.

If you look at every commercial weight loss product you’ll likely see green tea named among other ingredients. This is a green tea extract that is linked to increased fat burning during exercise.

There is a study where a man who took green tea extract before exercise burned 17% more fat than a man who didn’t take this supplement.

Makes the body’s metabolism more efficient

Some studies suggest that green tea can boost metabolism and help to burn 3-4% more calories each day. The results of these studies showed that taking green tea extract and EGCG supplements can make you burn more calories.

If a person burns 2000 calories per day, this increase of 3-4% will result in an additional 60-80 calories spent per day.

However, not all studies show that green tea boosts metabolism. The effect may be individual and also metabolism-boosting effect persists in the long term.

How black tea can help you to lose weight

Low-calorie drink

Black tea only has 2 calories per cup. If a cup of black tea contains more than 2 calories it’s linked to other products added to it like sugar or milk.

So the best way to use black tea for weight loss is to take it on its own, without adding sugar, milk, or honey.

Keep in mind that black tea also contains tannins, and these are the substances responsible for its strong flavor. Tannins are harmless when consumed moderately, but drinking too much black tea can upset the stomach and cause nausea or vomiting.

So even it is a low-calorie drink don’t overdrink it.

Changes in gut bacteria

According to a study published in 2017 by the European Journal of Nutrition black tea along with the assistance of a specific mechanism through the gut microbiome, contributes to weight loss.

This study also shows that consuming black tea can decrease gut bacteria associated with obesity and increase gut bacteria associated with lean body mass.

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Caffeine boosts metabolism

Caffeine in black tea may increase metabolism by 6% and also encourages the body to undergo lipolysis or the breakdown of stored fats.

keep in mind that if you drink too much black tea or coffee that will not help you to lose more weight. The daily recommended dose of caffeine is 200 -300 mg, caffeine levels in black tea vary from 50 to 90 milligrams per cup (8oz), so don’t drink more than 3 cups per day.

People who are sensitive should also be aware of the side effects of consuming too much caffeine, and this is also for people with high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythm.

Good To Know: Drinking more caffeine doesn’t mean better metabolism. You can consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day to be safe, recommended no more than 200-300 mg, which is equal to 3-4 cups of black tea.

If black tea is too strong for you or you simply don’t like the taste but still want to add it to your daily drinks then adding lemon to it is going to make a flavorful difference. Black tea and lemon are great combinations that also can fit in your weight loss program.

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What is better for weight loss green tea or black tea

Since the black tea undergoes a fermentation process, it has less quantity of antioxidants – catechins. As we described above in this article the catechine content in the tea is a huge contributor to weight loss.

So, green tea may be a better choice when it comes to weight loss than black tea. On the other hand, black tea contains more caffeine which helps burn fat.

There is no way to determine which one is better, both green and black tea can help with weight loss and both are healthy and delicious.

If you are sensitive to caffeine then it is easy to choose, green tea is the drink for your weight loss program.

How to make green tea for weight loss at home with tea leaves

Before start making green tea keep in mind that if the tea leaves are steeped in water hotter than 90oC (194o F) the tea will become bitter.

Good To Remember: Every time when you use green tea leaves to make tea, steep it in water that is not too hot, no more than 90oC. If the leaves steep in water that is too hot the tea will be bitter.


  • Step 1

Take one teaspoon of green tea leaves and put them in a strainer/sieve and keep them aside.

  • Step 2

Take a stainless steel pot and boil the water. The best temperature for green tea is 80 to 85oC (176-185oF). If the water starts boiling switch off the heat and lets it stay for a while like 30-45 seconds.

  • Step 3

Place the strainer/sieve over a cup and pour the hot water into the cup. Let the tea steep for 3 minutes. If you are making a first-time green tea like this and you are not sure about the taste, take a spoon and drink a spoonful of tea every 30-45 seconds to find out if the flavor is right for you.

  • Step 4

After 3 minutes take out the sieve and keep it aside. You can add honey to your tea, but if you are drinking it to help you with weight loss, the best way is to drink it without sweeteners.

How much green tea to drink for weight loss?

The exact amount of green tea will vary from person to person, but drinking 2 to 3 cups a day may help you with your weight loss goals.

How to make black tea for weight loss at home


  • Step 1

Get a saucepan and add water. The amount of water depends on the number of cups you want to make.

  • Step 2

When the water starts boiling, sprinkle the black tea leaves on it.

  • Step 3

Reduce the heat and stir it over medium heat for about two minutes. Check for the right color and consistency.

  • Step 4

When done strain the black tea and enjoy your delicious cup of black tea.

If you want to make a stronger brew, don’t cook the tea longer because this will only make the tea bitter. Instead, add more tea leaves and keep in mind that the tea should boil at least 2 minutes before taking it out to get the best flavor.

Good To Know: When you are making black tea never use distilled water. This will result in tasteless black tea. Always use fresh water.

How much black tea to drink for weight loss?

It depends on what type of black tea you will choose to drink. Look for the caffeine content on the label and it is recommended to consume no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. Ideally, 200-300 mg of caffeine daily.

If you choose this organic black tea that contains 50-80 mg of caffeine per cup, you can drink 3-4 cups daily. To lose weight more efficiently it is recommended to drink black tea before each meal.

Black or green tea for weight loss

Final words about green tea and black tea for weight loss

No matter what you choose green or black tea you won’t make a mistake. Both teas contain powerful compounds that offer a host of health benefits.

Deciding which one works best for you depends only on your taste and what you prefer more. Some prefer green tea for weight loss others claim that black tea is better for them.

The best thing is that you can try both teas and see what works best for you and your weight loss program.

If you are sensitive to caffeine then just choose to drink green tea.

Make your choice and enjoy your drink. You can’t make a mistake because both teas are healthy in their own way and both of them may help you to shed some pounds.

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