Sex Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

Interpretation of sex dreams

We dream almost every night. But what about sex dreams. What is the meaning of sex dreams?

What it means if you dream that you have sex with your partner, your ex, co-worker or boss.

We will introduce you to the meaning and interpretation of these sex dreams.

If you wake up pleased after a sex dream you are not the only one. Sex dream with co-worker, celebrity or your ex is so common, so don’t be afraid or confused.

“Dreams, especially those that wake you suddenly, are probably best understood – not literally – but as symbolic messages, and verbal puns, from your wise unconscious. The emotion left on waking is probably the best indicator of whether the dream portrayed something good or bad.”- says Dr. Hearne who conducted the first world’s sleep-lab. research about lucid dreams.

He continues: “We dream for around two hours each night, and most are actually about mundane things. However, strong emotions sometimes intrude. We can anticipate that the topic of sex, in particular, could be driving these powerful dreams.”

“Of course, many sex dreams simply reflect a wish for sexual gratification, but sometimes they are so illogical – you may dislike the person (from real life) with whom you are making love in the dream. This factor, of strangeness, points out that the dream is not about what it seems to be. A switch has occurred.”

Further, we will talk more about sex dreams meaning and interpretation.

Sex Dreams Meaning and Interpretation 

Sex Dreams With A Co-Worker

Most of our dreams are about our daily lives. It is not unusual to dream someone that you spend much of your time.

It can be the co-worker who you spend most of the time at your workplace.

In REM sleep (dreaming) the main feature is that males have a full erection, and women experience clitoral engorgement, so any friction can trigger such a dream. A part of our personality (the Id) which seeks basic gratification, would be responsible. In dreams, it is safe to happen and can remain unspoken.

Don’t be embarrassed, the sex dream with a co-worker is quite normal. It doesn’t mean that you should have sex with that co-worker.

Take time to asses how you feel at work, do you feel stifled? Maybe you just want more freedom, trust, and control over the situation? Just talk with your co-worker, and yes don’t mention the sex dream.

In the case of someone who works for you, thinking about what their job is, what they do for you, and what their job represents. Are they an assistant who keeps your entire schedule running smoothly? That could indicate you need an organizational overhaul.

Sex Dreams About A Celebrity

Sex dreams about celebrity, likely mean that we are attracted to that celebrity.

“These can range from crushes to sexual prowess and agency and feeling like we can get someone who is out of reach. Those are common, too, and they’re usually an ego boost,” says Dr.Holly Richmond, psychologist and sex therapist.

So what to do? Nothing, just have fun. Chances that you will have sex with that celebrity in your real life are equal to zero.

Sex Dreams About an Ex

Unlike the dreams with a celebrity, a sex dreams with an ex are complicated for us. The reason for this is that we have a history with that person and as a result of that complicated feelings too. These unresolved emotions are the reason for these kinds of sex dreams.

These dreams don’t mean that we want sex with our ex, but we do usually dream about an ex about whom we have unresolved emotions.

“There is some relational dynamic that needs to be worked out. What were you trying to communicate through sex? Do you want a new understanding? Did you want to take your power back? There’s usually unfinished business, and it’s not sexual,” Richmond says.

After these dreams, if you think to contact your ex remember why you first broke up. Use your head, consult your friends and therapist (if you have one), and then decide if these nagging dreams mean you should contact your ex to work out lingering resentment.

If you shouldn’t contact your ex, know that the dreams will subside with time.

This dream comes up when you feel lonely, or when your current relationship status is dry or if you’re in a relationship that feels routine or unexciting.

The secret meaning of sex dreams

Sex Dreams About Your Partner

Sex dreams with your partner usually take place at the beginning of the relationship or when you are separated.

These sex dreams are more common when the relationship is not readily available. They are more common at the start of the relationship than for the couples who have been together for a long period.

What should you do when you have sex dreams about your partner? Well, nothing just enjoy them.

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Orgasmic Sex Dreams

Yes, we will talk about “wet dreams”. In most cases, these begin in puberty. These “wet dreams” are also called nocturnal emissions.

These dreams involve ejaculating during sleep and happen to boys during puberty — and some girls — when testosterone starts to be produced in the body. Not all boys have wet dreams, but many do, and they are a normal part of healthy development.

Wet dreams don’t stop at puberty and they are often after that. They just don’t happen to boys, girls may also wake up in the middle of the night having an orgasm. Hormones play a big role in this and depending on where you are in your cycle, and Richmond says pregnancy can also induce them.

Should you be worried about this? No, you shouldn’t. It is happening to everyone and just enjoy it.

Dreams That Your Partner Cheated

This is not a pleasant experience even in a dream. Is this your subconscious trying to tell you something? Yes, but don’t panic it is not so scary.

It doesn’t mean that your partner is cheating on you, but it does mean that you should talk.

Sometimes it is better to trust our gut, but sometimes we overthink it.

Cheating dreams are an indicator that you are not comfortable, that you are worried. Having an open and honest conversation with your partner, and telling about these drams, and how you feel can make your relationship even stronger.

“Anxious dreams are much more common than positive dreams. If anxiety creates a dream, and it’s not the dream that’s real, would I recommend to talk about it? Yeah. Discussing it is the best way to deal with it,” says Michael Friedman a sleep specialist and otolaryngologist.

Sex Dreams With A Teacher

So common sex dream that doesn’t need to mean that you have a crush on your teacher or professor.

It simply means maybe you have some problems in your life with the subject they teach rather than the person.

If it was your English teacher, maybe there’s some need for better communication in your life right now. Or if it was your math teacher, it could be a need to get better at your finances.

Sex Dream In A Public Place

Sometimes we memorize the location and forget about the person in our dream. In dreams, we use geographical locations to symbolize geographic areas of your life: your home life, your work life, your love life, your social circle.

The public location would symbolize some part of your life that everyone knows about.

So if you have a dream about having sex in your office it could mean that your work is dominating and occupying most of your brain space. The same goes for other places too. Think about why you’re so consumed with that particular place.

Sex Dream In A Group

Sex dreams in orgies may signify a lot of distress in your life. This can usually be connected with some overload or confusion that is going on in your life.

An orgy is typically about too much going on at once. Are you trying to accomplish too many things? Is your attention divided among too many things?

It is better to simplify some things in your life or put some things on hold for better times.

Sex Dreams With A Faceless Stranger

The “mystery lover” dream is the second most common theme to dreams about sex. This doesn’t mean that there is someone out there waiting for you and you are dreaming about him or her.

This is more about yourself and mystery lover maybe symbolize some aspects of yourself that you are trying to get to know and utilize in your life.

The faceless man represents a desire for you to be more authoritative and assertive in your daily life.

Conclusion: Sex dreams are usual and you shouldn’t be afraid of them. They are normal and they represent you and your subconscious. Sex dreams meaning and interpretation is very interesting.

It doesn’t mean that you should have sex with the one you’ve dreamed about, just relax and yes, enjoy and move on.

Interpretation and meaning of sex dreams