What Makes A Woman Beautiful To A Man?

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How to appear more attractive and beautiful as a woman

What makes a woman beautiful to a man? There are a lot of things that make a woman attractive to a man but what makes her beautiful is much deeper than the eyes and skin.

It depends on what makes a man fall in love with a woman, her personality, her behavior, and who she is as a person. Let’s take a look at what exactly makes women beautiful to men.

What makes a woman beautiful to a man?



First, a woman is not beautiful in a vacuum, there is always an observer who interprets that beauty, even if it is the woman herself.

But what I’d like to talk about is how a man creates beauty through his perception of a woman.

Yes, I firmly believe that the love and admiration of a man has a role in creating beauty in a woman.

In making this statement, I want to make a distinction between “beautiful” and “attractive”.

We are biologically disposed towards what is attractive, based upon what would make good “breeding” material in both sexes. It’s not romantic, but it’s true.

As the theory goes, classic attractiveness is based upon symmetry and proportion. The more symmetrical, the more “pure” and more prone to survival are the underlying genetics. We know and react to this deep within our DNA on a visceral, unconscious level.

This isn’t news. The designers of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, as well as Leonardo Da Vinci and so many others of the Renaissance, used the “Golden Ratio” of 1:1.62 in creating their masterpieces.

When an object or person meets this ratio, we consider it or them to be beautiful.

We can apply this to the ratio of face length to face width. We can apply it to nose-to-chin or pupil-to-nose ratios. It is endless—just ask any plastic surgeon.



Psychologically, we find attractive someone who embodies the qualities of our primary caregivers.

The people who raised us, typically our parents and extended family are our models for a relationship, emotionally as well as physically. Sometimes we choose someone who is the opposite of them, yet we are still using them as our template.

We are all drawn to certain body parts that sexually stimulate us: face, eyes, hair, breasts, belly, butt, legs, ankles.

We each have different preferences, which is a good thing, as it is a rare woman who has each body part exactly as we would prefer.

Again, this variation in what is attractive offers another genetic advantage through creating a more varied gene pool and is, therefore, more conducive to the survival of the species.

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12 Things That Men Find Beautiful and Attractive In Women

1. Complete genuineness

Break free from the pressures and simply start being the best, most real you. Real men love that.

We can tell when you’re trying to be something that you aren’t, or put on a show anyhow. You don’t need validation from others, so stop the search and the effort.

2. An energetic personality

Don’t misunderstand me: I don’t mean forcing something. I mean taking your personality and lighting up everyone and everything around you.

That kind of influence is attractive, powerful, and inspiring. Too many women think attitude is cute. Real men think a beautiful woman is an encouraging woman.

3. Nothing like a good smile

I’m going to be sentimental and then practical. Trust me, meaning the smile with all your heart and what’s behind it is what’s beautiful, not necessarily the structure of your teeth.

My mom does not have perfect alignment, yet has the single most beautiful smile ever, and is known for it as well. But please…keep them clean. I shouldn’t have to expand on that.

4. Having their style during a world of influence

This is crazy important. Don’t force trends or certain fashions from women like Kim K or whoever it is to mean anything.

Let what you like and what you do mean something simply because that’s you.

Confidence pulls off just about anything and makes every man appreciate the authentic masterpiece you are.

5. Being teachable/always open to learning

A woman who is after constant growth is beautiful because that’s what people are made to do and shows that you care to invest in yourself and fulfill your potential.

Plus we like to think we know it all, so women that we can help make us feel good.

6. Not being materialistic

Being materialistic means there is a void. There is nothing that can fill a void except for Jesus and please don’t ever forget that.

Being materialistic demonstrates selfishness. That isn’t a beautiful quality that should be embraced. Being grateful and giving should be.

7. A playfulness

Playfulness shows a healthy comfort level and once again, confidence in who you are.

Not taking life too seriously is a trait to embrace and is attractive.

8. Passionate

Passion means life. You have a heartbeat right now if you’re reading this, so enjoy all life has to offer.

You were created for great and mighty things, so going forward with purpose and excitement is beautiful.

9. There’s just something about no makeup

A woman with no makeup on drives me crazy. I obviously cannot speak for all men here, but it is a very common viewpoint.

This is one that’s kind of hard to put a finger on, however it does have to do with confidence and just the natural, authentic aspect.

I’m not putting makeup down here, what I’m saying instead is don’t be afraid to go without and don’t depend on it.

Trust me when I say real men will appreciate your natural beauty.

10. Willing to let your guard down

Openness is special because freedom is directly tied. You can be trusting (wisely of course) with your weaknesses, vulnerabilities, pains, insecurities, etc. when you know your worth.

It takes a strong woman to open up and that’s beautiful.

11. An effort to be healthy

Once again, this shows you invest in yourself. It’s pretty self-explanatory that working towards good overall health is going to bring out the best and most real overall you.

12. An honest humility

Life isn’t all about you. A beautiful woman is a woman that puts others before herself and is consistent and intentional about celebrating with others and never feeling entitled.

How to be attractive and beautiful

Conclusion on what makes a woman beautiful to man

A woman’s beauty comes from inside. It is not just the outside look. No makeup or outfit will make women beautiful in men’s eyes. 

Yes, she can be more attractive but beauty is something else. It is something that comes from inside.

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