Signs That Your Soul Is Tired and How To Heal Your Soul

Tired soul signs

If you are feeling exhausted all the time maybe it is not your body maybe your soul is tired

What are the signs of a tired soul? How do you know that your soul is tired but not your body?

There are some signs that we will present to you here and also some tips to fix that.

Unfortunately, while our first instinct is to turn to solutions for physical exhaustion, our struggles may not be physical. You may be struggling with the exhaustion of the soul.

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Tired Soul Definition

Tired soul or ‘soul sickness’ as it is sometimes called occurs when we fail to properly take care of ourselves on a spiritual level.

Much like a bank account, we need to pay attention to both the withdrawals AND deposits that we are putting into our spiritual well-being.

If we are constantly taking from this reserve, relying on our soul to care for us and provide, without putting the time and effort into making deposits by prioritizing our spiritual health, we can leave ourselves spiritually bankrupt.

“Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired”

Signs That Your Soul Is Tired

1. You may experience physical symptoms, like unexplained aches and pains

Often when we think of matters of the soul, we forget that every aspect of our being is connected. Therefore, the struggles of the heart and soul may manifest physically.

This includes feelings of pain and tension, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, headaches and migraines, unexplained aches, and pains.

2. An increase in anxiety leads to the experience of mild panic attacks

When the soul is exhausted we struggle to find peace in this dark, confusing, and challenging world. This can lead to an increased feeling of anxiety, one that is unrelenting.

This sudden onset of chronic anxiety can lead to mild panic attacks, often with no warning or clear explanation.

3. A difficulty facing any challenges or struggles that come your way

Life is going to throw challenges and difficulties our way, and generally, we find the strength and courage to face these challenges directly.

However, when the soul is weary we find ourselves feeling ‘weak’ and burdened.

Even the idea of facing the smallest of challenges can feel overwhelming and impossible, unable to handle whatever it may be.

4. You struggle to get a good night’s sleep

At night you find yourself feeling extremely restless and on edge, unable to calm your mind long enough to fall asleep.

If you can refocus your mind long enough to drift off, you’re met with intensely realistic dreams, even nightmares at times, disturbing your attempt to find any rest.

5. Regardless of how much sleep you get, you’re still feeling exhausted

While getting a good night’s sleep, or even grabbing a quick nap can help to remedy physical exhaustion, sleep does nothing for the tiredness of the soul.

You can get all the sleep in the world, but if your soul is tired you’re still going to struggle.

Even if you can quiet your mind and drift off for a night, you will wake up feeling just as exhausted as you were when you originally crawled into bed.

6. Negative feelings of bitterness, anger, resentment, or jealousy control your mind

Everything around us is created from and controlled by the energy that we are feeling, both positive and negative.

When the soul is tired, it is no longer working to manage this energy in our lives. As a result, it’s incredibly common for the negative energy we experience to increase.

This triggers toxic feelings including anger, frustration, bitterness, resentment, envy, and jealousy.

Try not to allow these feelings to consume you.

7. An unrelenting feeling of loneliness may set in

Many who are experiencing exhaustion of the soul will find themselves distanced from friends and family members, not necessarily in physical distance, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually distanced.

You may find yourself questioning your ability to trust or rely upon others, instead, feeling lonely and alone in the world.

8. You find yourself feeling disoriented or out of sync

As you go through life, you will find that various aspects of the world around you all seem to work together somehow, part of a bigger picture.

Also known as coincidences, these moments often reassure us that the world is greater than ourselves.

However, if your soul is tired you may suddenly find yourself feeling a disconnect, as though you are out of sync with the world, and even that your mind, body, and soul are out of sync with one another.

This feeling, best described as disorientation, can make it difficult to continue moving forward.

9. Physical exhaustion will set in, leaving you feeling weak and unmotivated

This is where it becomes confusing for those that are trying to decipher between physical and spiritual exhaustion.

Often spiritual exhaustion causes physical exhaustion, leaving the body feeling drained of all energy and motivation.

Even the idea of having to find the energy to be physically active is completely overwhelming, leaving you feeling eager to crawl into bed and go nowhere.

10. Confusion and difficulty make it hard to make sense of how you’re feeling

Some people struggle to understand their emotions and feelings on an ongoing basis, however, when the soul is tired this confusion becomes even more challenging.

If someone were to ask you how you’re feeling, you fail to put it into words because you can’t describe it.

You’re not even sure what you’re feeling yourself. You know something is off, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

11. Thoughts of your future leave you feeling scared and unsure

When the soul is exhausted, it fails to provide you with a clear image of the future, your direction for the future.

Without an idea of where you are going and what you are working to attain, you are left wondering.

This can create great unease. Thoughts of the future and what is to come are often overwhelming and frightening when you are left with no plan.

12. Your emotions and feelings are more intense than ever before

Some are highly sensitive and emotional, feeling every experience deeply and without restraint, while others are better adept at managing their emotions.

However, if the soul is exhausted, even those with the greatest restraint will find them to be overwhelming.

These intense emotions may leave you crying at the drop of a hat or lashing out in uncontrolled anger.

What Can You Do To Heal Your Soul?

While there is no guarantee that you can avoid exhaustion of the soul, as it is a condition that plagues us all from time to time, there are steps that you can take to practice self-care.

This will help you to rest, recuperate, and recharge, reenergizing the soul. Meditation will allow you to quiet the mind, reducing stress and negative influences on your life.

This can be practiced either by finding a quiet place to sit or walking outdoors in the form of walking meditation.

Taking steps to cleanse your home will also provide you with a ‘safe space’, somewhere you can retreat to when you feel your soul in need of care.

This can be accomplished through many different practices, including smudging your home to eliminate negativity and cleanse the atmosphere, or introducing healing crystals that will attract positive energy and protect all who occupy the space.

“Even when a mother’s soul is tired, she finds strenght for her family”

1- Start meditating

It brings a lot of peace to your mind and allows you to explore your inner self. It’ll amaze you to find out so many things about yourself you hadn’t known before.

2- Add art to your life

It could be anything; dancing, writing, painting, music anything at all. Just find a way to express yourself openly and freely.

3- Love yourself

This might be the toughest of all ways but is the most important too. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Don’t settle for anything less than amazing because you deserve it.

4- Talk good too and about yourself

Remember your best friend and your biggest critic is you. Hitting yourself with some reality check once in a while is fine but demeaning yourself isn’t.

Don’t wait for others to make you feel great. Uplift yourself. Wake up every morning with a sense of purpose and appreciate your effort every night before you sleep. These little things make a huge difference.

5- Press the refresh button on your aura

It is the law of the universe that you will get back exactly what you send out. Try to involve positivity in your life.

When you are a bright and positive person, people will come to you with the same bright smile.

6- Do things that bring you true happiness

See the clouds. Go to parks and swing. Colour in a kids’ coloring book. Feed a needy. Read a book. Or write a poem.

Do anything and everything that brings you happiness but make sure you don’t hurt anyone in the process of all this.

Signs of tired soul

Final thoughts on a tired soul signs

If you are exhausted all the time maybe it is not your body it is your soul that is tired.

If you struggle with these things mentioned above, yes your soul is tired and you should take care of that.

With routines like meditation, walking, self-care, and loving yourself you can heal your soul and start feeling better.

Once you’re done reading this, I want you to take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’re going to make it better for yourself even if it means doing it all alone. And DO IT.

Be your superhero.

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