How To Lose 25 Pounds In 2 Weeks With The Incredible Shock Diet

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Planning to lose weight just in time for summer? Then you’ve got to start eating right and making the healthier choices! If you want to shed them and get a toned body, you’ll need to make sure you stay at a calorie deficit while exercising daily to build muscle. If you’re still confused with how to lose weight and what to eat, it’s best to follow a meal plan to stay accountable and track your progress. But what diet, exactly? Try the shock diet!

The shock diet is meant to have you lose up to 25 pounds in just TWO WEEKS! But how does it work and what do you need? I’ll be showing you how to follow this diet and some tips to stick to your plan.

What Is the Shock Diet?

The shock diet is also called “The 13-Day Diet”. It’s known to aid in your weight loss through shocking your metabolism, thus increasing its metabolic rate and burning more fat. Like mentioned, this diet claims to help you lose a whopping thirty pounds in a span of two weeks, which seems like too little time to shed off that much weight.

So yes, it will require a low-calorie intake. But the creators of the diet claim that the positive metabolic effect will last for two years, which will help you maintain the weight after finishing the diet.

Because of its demanding meal plan and lack of calories, you should only do this once every two years. Also, if you happen to have a medical condition, then it’s best to consult your doctor before doing so.

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How to lose 25 pounds with Shock Diet

How to Do the Shock Diet?

What does the shock diet contain? One benefit this diet has is that it doesn’t require you to prepare or purchase a lot of food. Usually, you stick to similar meals on weekdays.

Here is the complete meal plan for the shock diet:


Breakfast will always be one orange (or any fruit except banana) and two pieces of rusk (hard biscuits). Pair it with a cup of coffee or tea WITHOUT sugar. This meal goes on for every weekday you are on a diet.

You can easily find any of these foods or ingredients in any grocery store near you. It’s best not to substitute them for any other meal, as they contain the natural sugars and proteins your body needs to survive. Also, it contains the nutrients you need.

Take note that after the first five days, you will lose as much as five kilograms. Then you will slowly lose the rest over the next few days. You can choose to have supplements and pair the diet with half an hour of exercise a day.

The shock diet is designed for the weekdays, meaning you can eat as usual during the weekends. Make sure that you still eat balanced and healthy meals during the two days so as not to ruin your progress. Once the weekend is over, repeat the diet again for another five days, then repeat the “resting” phase and follow the diet one last time for five days. And you’re done with the diet and achieved weight loss!

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